BrandPRO strategy simulator to help marketers perfect their strategic decision-making skills.

Written by Carl West

BrandPRO Moon and Mojo SPI

With the launch of our BrandPRO brand strategy simulator, we’re on a mission to harness the power of ‘experiential learning’ with a view to helping marketing and brand professionals to refresh their knowledge, learn new concepts and hone their skills for becoming more effective at growing brands.

Used by leading MBA business schools and corporate training programmes worldwide, our BrandPRO simulator experience takes participants into a fictitious world of over 80 million inhabitants, who in the main, behave like real-world markets. There are a few differences too, such as there are no smartphones, instead, Sonite’s are used as handheld communication devices.

For participants entering the simulator, the objective is simple. You must maximise the Share Price Index of your company (SPI) over 5 simulated trading years. The SPI will increase or decrease according to the strategic choices participants make for the two brands they’re responsible for, which are Moon and Mojo.

Using proven marketing science and complex relationship data within its algorithm, the BrandPRO simulator will challenge thinking and stimulate learning around critical brand strategy concepts including market research and data analysis, segmentation and targeting, positioning and much more, all within a fun, secure and risk-free gamification platform.

Marketing Lab founder, Carl West, says “In my experience, 80% of individuals in marketing or brand roles have little or no formal training, which is a problem. Webinars and textbooks can only teach you so much, but experiential learning enables individuals to gain a much deeper understanding of the topic, by applying concepts and theories into real-world situations.”

Carl continues, “Our simulator is perfect for marketers looking to refresh their knowledge, test their skills and boost their confidence. Just like the real world, not everything will go to plan, which is the beauty of the simulator, it’s a risk-free environment to learn when the stakes are low, and it only takes a few hours to complete, at times which suit you!”

From post-pandemic changes to work and life behaviours, to the far-reaching impact of the war in Ukraine, businesses continue to face challenging economic trading conditions…but strong, well-managed brands provide superior resilience and a degree of insulation to get through tough times and fuel future growth. So, building better brands continues to be a critical requirement of professional marketers and business owners alike.

If you’re a business owner or marketer looking for the full brand strategy experience before you take on the simulator, we’re also launching a Brand Strategy Masterclass designed for smaller businesses and brands, working with limited resources. This 6-week online training programme (which culminates with the simulator experience) is completely online and available on-demand to fit in around busy work and home schedules.