Great fun. Professionally challenging.

Using the latest marketing science within the algorithm, BrandPRO is a revolutionary way for brand marketers, consultants, and owner/Directors, to test, learn and perfect their strategic brand management skills, in the world’s most advanced strategy simulator.

Used by leading MBA business schools and large corporations worldwide, our BrandPRO simulator provides an affordable, fun, and unforgettable experience designed to refresh your knowledge on key strategic concepts in a secure, risk-free gamification platform.

BrandPRO will challenge your skills and decision-making around strategic choices from market research analysis, brand portfolio and targeting, to ESOV, brand positioning, product development and pricing.

Webinars and textbooks can only teach you so much, but experiential learning will accelerate your skills to the next level, and BrandPRO only takes a few hours to complete.

Who will benefit.
  • Brand Managers & Strategists.
  • Marketing Managers & Directors.
  • Business Owners & Directors.
  • Marketing & MBA Students.
  • Corporate Marketing Teams.
How you'll benefit.
  • A fun, risk-free way to practice strategic concepts.
  • Simple techniques you can practice in the real world.
  • Live FAQ session and 1-2-1 support from your assessor.
  • Private groups to discuss options with fellow professionals.
  • Boost your confidence and banish imposter syndrome.

What our recent
participants said.

Some of the strategic choices you’ll need to make inside the simulator will include:

Research & Data Analysis

Use market research to better inform and guide your strategic choices.

Segmentation & Targeting

Understand segment needs, attitudes, and behaviours to pinpoint your investment.

Brand Positioning

Use perceptual maps to unlock differentiated positioning for faster growth.

Strategic Objectives

The importance of identifying opportunities within the customer funnel to focus on.

Product Development

Find the critical balance between product development costs, retail sales and profitability.

Budgeting & Pricing

The impact share of voice has on segment penetration, alongside price sensitivity.

Want the full training experience before the Simulator?
Book our Brand Strategy Masterclass first, which
culminates with the simulator.

Here’s how our simulator experience works.

BrandPRO is powered by StratX Simulations and provides a flexible on-demand experience, so, whether you’re a freelance brand consultant, an employed brand marketer, a CEO or an educational institution, participants can enjoy the simulator at a pace which suits them.

Here’s a little more about our BrandPRO strategy simulator experience.

Step 1

Simulator cohort.

On sign up, you’ll be invited to join your WhatsApp cohort. This is your safe space with peers to share views, links, discuss ideas, explore choices, and raise questions for the group.

Step 2

Simulator case study.

You will be sent a case study detailing all the topics and background context underpinning the simulator experience you’re about to encounter, and the role you will need to play.

Step 3

Simulator orientation.

Following the case study, you will be invited to join a simulator orientation call, which will be your first glimpse and walk-through of all the simulator’s dashboards and functionality, highlighting the key strategic choices you will need to make if you’re going to thrive in the simulator.

Step 4

Complete the simulator.

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for, accessing the simulator as a Brand Manager for an electronic device manufacturer with two brands to manage over 5 simulated years. Your objective is to manage a strategy and maximise the share price value of your company. Success or failure will come down to your decision-making on how to grow market share, sales, and profitability. You will have two weeks to complete the simulator.

Step 5

Simulator de-brief.

Just like the real world, not everything will go to plan in the simulator. You’ll make some good choices and some bad choices too. Each cohort will receive a debrief covering the group trends on good and bad choices made, rather than highlighting individual performances.

Step 6

BrandPRO certification.

Congratulations for successfully becoming BrandPRO certified.

Perfect your skills and become a more effective, confident marketer.

Your BrandPRO
trainer and assessor.

A CIM trained marketer and mini-MBA graduate, Carl is a respected brand consultant with over 20 years’ proven track record helping brands to mitigate their marketing investment risk and make smarter, more informed choices to grow their market share and build brand equity.

Carl has worked with high street brands like Barclays, Aviva, and Norwich City Football Club, but primarily consults directly with b2b and b2bc operators in healthcare, manufacturing, fintech, professional services, and other niche sectors.

Achieving one of the highest scores ever recorded in the simulator, Carl challenges you to come and test your skills, and hopefully surpass his SPI score.

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