Learn how to build the perfect brand strategy with limited resources.

Working as a consultant for more than 20 years, I’ve successfully grown dozens of smaller brands by mitigating their marketing investment risk, and by ensuring smarter, more informed strategic choices were made utilising professional brand management processes.

My Brand Strategy Masterclass training is the pinnacle of everything I’ve learnt and has been specifically developed to provide brand managers and marketers working with limited budgets, the ultimate strategic roadmap for growing a brand in any sector.

Over 6 weeks, you’ll build your knowledge on a range of proven tools and techniques which will be instrumental in helping smaller brands grow faster, including market research, customer acquisition funnels, segmentation and targeting, positioning, brand codes and much more.

Your Masterclass will culminate with the chance to put your new skills to the test in our BrandPRO strategy simulator, the most advanced of its kind, currently used by leading MBA business schools and large corporations worldwide.

Who will benefit.
  • Marketing and Brand Managers.
  • Heads of and Marketing Directors.
  • Marketing and Brand Consultants.
  • Agencies and Client Services.
  • Founders and Entrepreneurs.
How you'll benefit.
  • Training content developed exclusively for smaller brands.
  • Learn how to build a professional strategy on limited resources.
  • Discover strategic tools and techniques you can put in place easily.
  • Boost your confidence, accelerate your career.
  • Live FAQs and private groups to stimulate peer conversations.

What our recent Masterclass graduates said.

Our on-demand modules will guide you through a range of strategic tools and techniques.

You can only learn so much from webinars and textbooks, which is why I created this Masterclass programme exclusively for smaller brands. 5 modules over consecutive weeks, culminating with an incredible opportunity to test your skills and knowledge in our BrandPRO simulator experience in week 6. A little more about the topics covered in our modules:

Brandland – The
Good, Bad and Ugly.

An introduction to the strategic elements behind what, why and how brands succeed or fail.


How to use tools and techniques for customer orientation and brand diagnosis.

Segmentation &

How to meaningfully segment and prioritise your category for targeting.

Acquisition Journey

How to build and utilise an acquisition funnel to inform strategic objectives.

Positioning &

How to position your brand for segments and unlock relative differentiation.

Long & Short of It

How to balance investment for ‘long’ brand building and ‘short’ marketing activation.

Distinctive Design

How to identify and develop your distinctive design codes to ensure brand recall.

Creativity & CEPs

How to use category entry points to drive creative and marketing effectiveness.

Strategy simulator

Learn how to thrive in the world’s most advanced brand strategy simulator experience.

How our Masterclass works.

Our Brand Strategy Masterclass programme is flexible and on demand, meaning you can enjoy it at a pace which suits you, your job, and your home life. Here’s a little more about how it works.

Step 1

WhatsApp cohort.

On sign up you will be invited to join your WhatsApp cohort. This is your safe space with peers to share views, links, discuss ideas, and raise questions for the group’s benefit.

Step 2

Five modules over 5 weeks

Each week you will be sent a link for the next module, which typically last up to 60-minutes each. Modules are on-demand, so you don’t have to be at your screen for a set day or time to learn.

The strategic tools and techniques covered are game-changers for smaller brands ambitious to grow market share and build equity.

Step 3

Simulator case study.

At the start of week 5 you’ll be sent a case study detailing the topics and background context underpinning the simulator experience you’re about to encounter, and the role you need to fulfil.

Step 4

Simulator orientation.

Following the case study, you will be invited to join the simulator module call. This will be your first glimpse and walk-through of all the simulator’s dashboards and functionality and will highlight the key strategic choices you will need to make if you’re going to not only survive, but thrive.

Step 5

Simulator challenge.

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for, accessing the simulator as a Brand Manager for an electronic device manufacturer with two brands to manage over 5 simulated years. Your objective is to manage a strategy and maximise the share price value of your company. Success or failure will come down to your decision-making on how to grow market share, sales, and profitability.

Step 6

Simulator de-brief.

Just like the real world, not everything will go to plan in the simulator. You’ll make some good choices and some bad ones. Each cohort will receive a debrief covering the group trends on good and bad choices made, rather than highlighting individual performances.

Unlock new skills and become a more effective, brand marketer.

Your Masterclass
trainer and
BrandPRO assessor.

A CIM trained marketer and mini-MBA graduate, Carl is a respected brand consultant with over 20 years’ proven track record helping brands to mitigate their marketing investment risk and make smarter, more informed choices to grow their market share and build brand equity.

Carl has worked with high street brands like Barclays, Aviva, and Norwich City Football Club, but primarily consults directly with b2b and b2bc operators in healthcare, manufacturing, fintech, professional services, and other niche sectors.

I guarantee you’ll be a more confident, knowledgable and effective marketer in just 6 weeks.

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