Commercial accountability for your marketing investment.

Carl West Marketing Consultant

Marketing consultancy with commercial accountability.

I work with businesses (typically £5 to £50 million) on either one-off projects or monthly retained services to bring clarity and focus to their brand management challenges, and de-risking their investment with a robust, evidence based brand plans.

Over two decades, I have delivered my brand management consulting services for sectors including hospitality, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, professional services, fintech, edtech and many more.

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Uniquely positioned between tactical marketing agencies and client teams.

Most marketing agencies have hungry mouths to feed back in the studio, so their default is to focus on in-house tactical resources (e.g., design, SEO, social media etc.) missing out the strategic brand planning which should have been performed further upstream, long before marketing tactics are required.

Having owned and directed some of the region’s top marketing agencies, I’m suitably experienced to provide the conduit between client objectives and tactical agencies, ensuring the outcomes from brand diagnosis and strategic brand planning phases, are properly briefed and aligned with tactical delivery.

Agency Outputs

Client Objectives

Work smarter, grow faster.

By integrating a little science into their marketing, here are a few examples of client success stories.


Growth in aided awareness in 18-months


Growth in preference to purchase in 18-months


Growth in sales revenue from a £46k investment


Lead generation from a £74k investment


Growth in market share in 18-months

Start working smarter to grow faster.

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A few kind words from some of my clients.

Some brands I’ve been privileged to make a difference for.


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