Delivering commercial accountability for all your marketing investments.

If you’re not capitalising on the latest platforms, tools, and techniques to influence and convert your buyer journeys, your competitors are likely to take market share. So, it’s vital to periodically audit the commercial accountability of your marketing activities. Unfortunately, most businesses overlook this critical cog within the marketing process, wasting valuable time and budget on a poorly balanced marketing mix, with little or no strategic insights informing the choices which need to be made.

Marketing Lab has developed a range of marketing and brand audits to help businesses accelerate their return on investment. Our independent, unbiased audits will measure and evaluate the impact of your activities and provide you with a clear understanding of the key barriers to success that if addressed, will unlock greater value and accelerate your ROMI.

Overview of our marketing audit process.

Audit scope- Identify the specific problem/opportunity and key tasks

Audit facilitation- Undertake relevant audit identified in the scoping stage

Audit evaluation- Evaluate audit findings aligned with business objectives

Audit report- Generate audit recommendations with traffic light priorities

Audit deployment- We can deploy any of the recommended tasks if required

Marketing audits that will find the balance between focus and budget.

Quite often our audits don’t lead to increased investment levels, and sometimes we recommend less spend for an improved range of outcomes. Generally, our marketing and brand audits bring about a re-balance of where your time, effort and budget should be focused. Benefits of our audits at a glance;

  • Provide expert insights and observations on barriers
  • Provide independent recommendations on opportunities
  • Validate activities for commercial accountability
  • Validate internal capabilities to deliver on plan
  • Provide a plan of attack for re-balancing investment

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Marketing Audit

Marketing Lab’s ‘marketing audit’ examines both strategic and tactical elements across the marketing process and looks at how effective every channel touch point is for achieving your objectives and will identify barriers standing in the way of success.

The prime purpose of this marketing audit is to assess which of your strategies, messages and tactical methods are working, which could be enhanced and which are simply pouring budget down the drain. Our audit recommendations will give you the insights to make future marketing investment decisions with confidence.

“Through his marketing audit, Carl took time to listen, ask questions and really understand our business. The audit helped us develop our new strategy, understand our capabilities and unlocked hidden value.”

Corporate B2C

“Aside from his impressive audit process, which is an eye-opener, Carl is a pleasure to work with as he brings an emotional, intelligent and calm nature enabling an unbiased and valuable marketing perspective.”

Manufacturing B2B

Brand Strategy Audit

Understanding what a brand is and why investing in your brand is important can often be misunderstood. Marketing Lab believes a brand is ‘a gut feeling about a business, product or organisation’ and that if managed professionally, it will create ‘an upstream reservoir of future revenues’ for the business.

Our ‘Brand Strategy Audit’ helps brand managers and business owners to better understand and crystallise not only the meaning behind their brand i.e., who you are and why you should matter to your world, but it will also identify problems and missed opportunities across customer and market orientation, market segmentation, 2-speed targeting, brand positioning, design distinctiveness and strategic objectives, all of which are critical for effective brand management planning.

“Carl’s engaging, passionate and articulate, with a deep understanding of brands and marketing strategy I’ve not experienced before. Look forward to another opportunity in the future to engage.”

Professional Services B2B

“As a business we’ve always found it difficult to tell our brand story but Carl’s audit helped us untangle a complex brand challenge. We now have clear brand positioning roadmap that will accelerate our competitive edge.”

FinTech B2C

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