Brand positioning is not a destination

Written by Carl West

Brand positioning

Recently, I was asked to review a 32-page ‘brand book’ for a well-known insurance company, which included a vision, a mission, an essence, a purpose, some values, a DNA, a brand language, and more…ridiculously confusing on so many fronts and proof that brand positioning is one of the most misunderstood, misused and over complicated brand management elements, seen by agencies as the destination, rather than a tool for delivering a required outcome.

Brand purpose, values, or beliefs, whatever you call it, positioning is simply a way to define your intended brand image and differentiation, which your tactical marketing levers will then help to create in the minds of your target audiences.

If you can’t distil your brand positioning into a handful of short, punchy statements, go back to the drawing board. When it comes to positioning less is more, so realistically you need to define no more than 3 or 4 brand associations which are going to resonate and maybe differentiate, so choose them wisely.

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