Strapline, slogan, or tagline. Whatever you call it, use it as a distinctive brand asset.

Written by Carl West

Distinctive brand assets

Too many marketers are guilty of overlooking the diamonds at their feet. In this case, ignoring the use of their strapline as a potential distinctive brand asset.

Distinctive brand assets act as triggers, or cues, in the mind of potential buyers, helping them more easily recall brands, creating greater mental availability.

Need some proof...I bet you can easily recall these brands:

I’m Lovin’ It.

Just Do It.

Vorsprung Durch Technik.

Think Different.

Gives you Wings.

Taste the Rainbow.

Distinctiveness is system 1 thinking, meaning it’s fast, unconscious, automatic and every day. Effectiveness of distinctiveness brand assets such as your strapline, can only be achieved when brands create unique and unmistakable identities which ensure they are easily recognisable and memorable.

If you’re seriously considering using your strapline as a distinctive asset, go hard, and apply it everywhere! Alongside your strapline, also consider these ideas for creating distinctive brand assets. Patterns Colours Packaging Characters Fonts and Audio triggers.

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